Weight training for beginners

Learn the exercises step-by-step and track your progress

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Exercises separated into body regions

Step-by-step guide for every exercise

Track your workouts and see your progress

Details you don’t get in other apps

Every part of MoveRite is there to help you get better

Intuitive controls for step‑by‑step instructions

Swipe your finger back and forth on the slider to fully understand the motion. Or just tap to play to see the whole movement.

Detailed information for every exercise

Understand every part of the exercise to prevent injuries and gain muscle faster. Learn advanced techniques and get workout tips.

Powerful workout tracking

Log the exercises you do and see your progress

Track your progress every day

With MoveRite you can keep track of your workouts and see how many exercises and sets you did and how much weight you lifted.

A clean way to see your workouts

The Workout Details screen gives you a quick overview of all the exercises you did in a workout.