About the app

MoveRite is created by Endre Hosszú and Zoltán Hosszú.

About the two authors: one is an experienced Olympic weightlifting and fitness specialist with international training and coaching experience and the other is his son, who is a graphic designer and app developer.

2016 - All rights reserved.

Learn the most important weight training exercises with MoveRite.

Use MoveRite as your patient personal trainer and move around in the gym with confidence! Impress yourself with great results by doing exercises the right way!

This version provides the basic 22 exercises with many variations. 8 of them are free and the rest is available as in-app purchase.

Clear guidelines lead to better looking muscles and less risk of injury. This app helps you correctly and efficiently execute muscle building & toning exercises without the risk of injuries.

You can view the exercises by sliding your hand on the timeline on the bottom of the screen. The app provides detailed, frame by frame understanding in every segment of the movement: on every part of the motion a clear description appears. Still photos deliver further easy-to-understand instructions.

Record your workouts and track your progress. Log every set of the exercises you do and automatically sync the burned calories to Apple Health.

In the upcoming versions:
- iPad and Apple Watch support
- More exercises
- Workout plans